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UI Prototype Developer Contract

Skills Required:


  • Prior experience with designing UI screens from given requirements.
  • Experience working with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and responsive Web design.
  • Experience in designing screens which are suitable to use by Angular or full stack developers without many changes.
  • Working on a given CSS template.
  • Experience in creating UI screens from prototypes or given requirements.
  • experience as a Visual Designer or Product Designer with a focus on UI design
  • Experience using grid systems for responsive design
  • Expert knowledge of Figma
  • Expert knowledge of Adobe CC, particularly illustrator and photoshop
  • Must have portfolio demonstrating your work.


Job Responsibilities:


  • Approach design with an expert grasp on best practices, accessibility, and design heuristics, and be able to clearly articulate design decisions.
  • Design UI prototypes by listening to product owners and BAs on the side and design screens using Html, CSS, Bootstrap and Angular.
  • Establish and adhere to product style guides and user experience.
  • Create icons and Illustration wherever necessary to convey the message clearly.
  • Participates in design sessions with other designers and team to develop new product concepts or design improvements.
  • Collaborate with UX designers to create meaningful UX artifacts for communication and user feedback, like storyboards and interactive prototypes.
  • Organize and maintain a scalable design library for UX team using Figma and other design tools.
  • Ensure new components are data-informed and collaborate with team to ensure the right experience.


Experience required: 5-8 Years


  • Job ID: 643690723
  • Location: Des Moines, IA, USA
  • Hours: 40h / week
  • Pay / Salary Range: Negotiable
  • Work Authorization Any
  • Close Date: 07, April 2023
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