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DevOps Engineer Contract

Must - haves:

  • 3+ yrs. experience with Cloud Infrastructure (at least some with Google Cloud).
  • High Skill Level & Hands on Experience with Process Automation.
  • Strong Coding Skills for Process Automation/ Creating Internal Utilities(1 or more: Bash/Java/Python).
  • Hands on Experience with IaC (Terraform).
  • Ability to Tune/ Optimize Cloud Services.
  • Thorough Understanding of Google Cloud Architecture.



  • Kafka/ PubSub/Managed Kafka Experience.
  • Google Cloud Professional Certification.

Experience required: 3-4 Years


  • Job ID: 429129178
  • Location: Washington, NH, USA
  • Hours: 40h / week
  • Pay / Salary Range: Negotiable
  • Work Authorization Any
  • Close Date: 24, June 2022
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