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IT - Technology Lead | data science | Machine Learning Contract

Detailed Job Description:

  • Proficient understanding of machine learning algorithms like linear regression, logistic regression (generalized linear regression), random forest, XGBoost, KNN and SVM and K Means Clustering
  • Good Experience with Machine Learning, Regression Analysis, Clustering, Boosting, Classification, Dimensionality Reduction Techniques like Principal Component Analysis
  • Excellent knowledge in creating Databases, Tables, Stored Procedure, Views
  • Excellent experience in the field of Data Science and Data Analytics and Modeling, with expertise in the technologies of R, Python, SAS, Excel, SQL and Salesforce
  • Knowledge and understanding of various Machine Learning Algorithms like General Linear Models, Support Vector Machines, Clustering, Classification, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Basic Statistics
  • Data Visualization knowledge of visualizing data using tableau, spotfire and also brief background understanding of Big Data terminology
  • Experience using PYTHON & R packages like dplyr, tidyr, ggmap, caret, forecast, SnowballC, wordcloud, corrplot, rpart, reshape2, ggplot2, tm, Scikit-Learn, StatsModels and MatPlotLib
  • Skilled in providing analytic support including data importing, data wrangling and data visualization
  • Experience in using ETL, SQL, PL/SQL and effective DDL/DML Triggers to facilitate efficient data manipulation

Minimum years of experience*: 5+


  • Job ID: 697305741
  • Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA
  • Hours: 40h / week
  • Pay / Salary Range: Negotiable
  • Work Authorization Any
  • Close Date: 05, June 2021
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